Tom Allen will not let Indiana fans know who the starting quarterback is for the Hoosiers. Allen still has not settled on who is the starting QB yet.

Although Allen also said he wasn’t going to tell anyone even if he did know, Allen admitted the decision is still up in the air. The good news is he does plan on making a decision soon.

Allen said there are 3 criteria he is looking for in his starting quarterback:  He wants the guy who best understands the offense, takes care of the football and has the confidence of his teammates.

Allen also said all of his quarterbacks  are”growing in those areas.” The three quarterbacks who are battling it out this season are  Connor Bazelak (Missouri transfer), Jack Tuttle and Dexter Williams.

Bazelak might have the best shot out of the three to be the starter because he may have the most playing experience. He was the starter most of last year for Mizzou until he was injured.

Bazelak threw for over 2,500 yards and 16 touchdowns. The problem was he turned the football over a lot throwing for 11 inceptions.

Senior Jack Tuttle also struggled last year. In the five games in which he played in, he only threw for 423 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Dexter Wiliams is the wild card in all of this. He is a talented freshman from Macon, Ga who is a dual-threat quarterback, who may end up beating out both experience quarterbacks ahead of him.