By now, you’ve seen and heard all about it. Near the end of the game as Indiana was putting the finishing touches on a 38-21 win over Michigan on Saturday, IU head coach Tom Allen jump into defensive back Devon Matthews to celebrate and busted his cheek and the helmet.

The exuberant celebration resulted in Allen having a gash on his cheek. But the Hoosiers leader reassured everyone that he was OK, and that he’s experienced much, much worse in terms of celebration injuries.

Hold up…what?!

Yes, Allen has apparently endured much more painful injuries while celebrating with players during his time as a football coach. And it dates back to his high school coaching days and his time with Ole Miss. In fact, one time, a celebration-gone-too-far resulted in Allen having to have a root canal and eight months of dental work.

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show this week, Allen explained how an Ole Miss player’s helmet caught him right in the mouth, resulting in Allen cracking his two front teeth. Below is the clip:

So, apparently a gash in the cheek isn’t so bad. And, as you can tell from the video, the scar from Saturday’s celebration with Matthews is still visible on Allen’s face.

But, hey, the Hoosiers are 3-0, ranked No. 10, beating No. 8 Penn State to open the season and knocked off Michigan for the first time since 1987. What’s a little flesh wound?