Trayce Jackson-Davis took some time after Indiana’s loss to Miami on Sunday to reflect on his career with the Hoosiers.

Jackson-Davis was asked about his emotions in the closing seconds.

“I just think about being a part of the change, really,” he said. “Just 2 years ago we were getting booed in our home city, Indianapolis, off the court at the Big Ten Tournament. To be in this moment 2 years later, it’s really special, it’s really special to me to have the Indiana fans on your back and just having given them hope is something this program hasn’t had in a while. It was really cool be a part of that and part of that experience.”

Jackson-Davis, a consensus All-America totaled 23 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 blocks. He ended his career with program records of 1,143 rebounds and 270 blocks. He finished third in career scoring with 2,258 points behind Calbert Cheaney (2,613) and Steve Alford (2,438), and third in career double-doubles with 50 behind Walt Bellamy (59) and Archie Dees (56), the Hoosiers noted.