Trayce Jackson-Davis and Mike Woodson have teamed up to help turn Indiana basketball around. Now, the duo is gearing up for a hopeful run in March Madness to cap Jackson-Davis’ career with the Hoosiers.

Like any player spending so much time with his coach, it stands to reason Jackson-Davis knows Woodson quite well. He put that knowledge on display with an impression of Woodson that is scaringly accurate for BTN.

“I think of someone that’s going to be hunched over like this, talking about ‘We tryin’ to get one of these B1G titles, and a national title.’ That’s what I think of when I think of coach Woodson,” said Jackson-Davis. “But, all around genuine human and great, hell of a coach.”

Jackson-Davis and Woodson had their names linked together in the Hoosiers’ record books last weekend when TJD surpassed his coach on the all-time scoring list for IU. As a team, Indiana is ranked No. 17 nationally and travels to face Purdue in a rivalry matchup Saturday evening.