If the popular trick-shot group Dude Perfect is ever in Bloomington, it’s going to have to pay a visit to Dan Godsil.

Godsil is the long-snapper at Indiana, and has appeared in every single game since stepping on campus in 2015. So the guy knows how to guide a football.

But Godsil successfully completed an incredible trick shot, one that would impress anyone at any level of football. He was able to snap a football from the top of a building overlooking the Hoosiers’ practice facility directly into a trash can on the ground.

If you don’t believe it, here’s the video:

There aren’t many guys who can do that.

Now that we have evidence that he’s the most accurate long-snapper in the country, he’ll have no excuse for head coach Tom Allen if he ever launches a snap over a punter’s head this season.