The job of a place-kick holder is more difficult than it looks. Yes, it’s become an artform that’s been perfected over the years, but it doesn’t mean just anyone could do it.

It’s become so easy for Indiana punter Haydon Whitehead, though, that he’s tried experimenting other ways to hold the football for his kicker. One of those ways could very easily lead to a busted face.

In a video shared by Big Ten Network, Whitehead is shown holding a football for a kick attempt…with his nose. That takes quite a bit of courage, even for some of the bravest players.

That’s dangerous close to a really strong kicking leg. No thanks.

Whitehead may gain fame for this new artform, but he’s also a pretty good punter for the Hoosiers. Last season, he was responsible for 51 punts during the season, posting a 40-yard average. On 17 occasions, he pinned opponents inside their 20-yard line.