A lot has been made of Indiana’s play against Michigan on Saturday. It’s not because the Hoosiers hung tough with the Wolverines over the weekend, but because of a few hits that were deemed as “cheap shots” in the game.

One Indiana offensive player targeted star defensive lineman Chase Winovich while he was on the ground. Another blindsided Berkley Edwards on a special teams play. Both players were forced to leave the game.

Afterward, Michigan players addressed the hits, agreeing that the Hoosiers were taking cheap shots throughout the game.

Indiana head coach Tom Allen disagrees.

During his weekly press conference, Allen addressed the accusations that his players were taking cheap shots or playing dirty. He insisted that his team plays hard until the whistle and isn’t apologizing for the way the Hoosiers play the game.

“Our kids play really, really hard and physical,” Allen said. “I know Simon [Stepaniak] was called for a personal foul where he shoved a player in the back, and after watching on film, he should’ve gotten the penalty. It hurt us. It was a selfish penalty.

“We’re gonna play hard till the whistle…our kids play really hard and really physical. We don’t apologize for that. Within the rules, that’s how we’re gonna do it.”

According to Michigan players after the game, head coach Jim Harbaugh warned his team to protect themselves from the cheap shots Indiana was delivering.

Michigan defeated Indiana 31-20 to round out the schedule in Ann Arbor.