It’s been three months since the stunning “resignation” of Kevin Wilson at Indiana. While it was reported that several players complained of mistreatment during Wilson’s time in Bloomington, he denied it.

Wilson wasn’t technically fired over those claims, but he left Indiana with a small buyout one year into a new contract after leading IU to consecutive bowls for the first time in 25 years.

On Thursday, Wilson addressed those allegations for the first time since becoming Ohio State’s new offensive coordinator in January.

“We wouldn’t be here doing this job if those things were true,” Wilson said via ESPN. “The department looked into everything. … We are excited to move forward.”

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Urban Meyer said that the university went through a vetting process before hiring Wilson, which checked out.

“That was immediate. I went to (OSU AD) Gene Smith, and Gene Smith talked to (president Michael) Drake because, like anything, there’s stories that get thrown out there,” Meyer said back in February. “I talked to Kevin myself at great length. I talked to others that knew him that were there. Gene Smith did, as well.

“I already knew just because I knew the guy, but I wanted to hear what goes on and whether it’s a disgruntled player, whether it’s an issue with the trainer, whether it’s an issue with some — I just needed to find out, and so did my bosses.”

Whatever the case, Wilson is now running the show for an offense that lacked consistency in 2016. At Indiana, he led the program to its best offensive season in school history in 2015.

Wilson’s Ohio State debut will be in the 2017 season opener…at Indiana.