Indiana fans don’t have the best reputation.

They’ve been criticized for only showing up for headliner games, not showing up at all or not staying until the final whistle. The Hoosiers’ attendance numbers don’t factor in who leaves at halftime. Usually, there are plenty who do. That’s not everyone, but many are guilty of doing that.

Kevin Wilson definitely notices.

The Indiana coach likened his team’s fourth-quarter performance against Ball State to the attitude of many IU fans:


College coaches usually don’t call out their fans. Wilson might have a point, in least in terms of his team’s performance. IU was outscored 17-0 in the fourth quarter by a poor MAC team. The Hoosiers did take their foot off the gas a bit.

Still, Wilson doubled down with that reference.

For what it’s worth, coolers aren’t allowed in Memorial Stadium, nor are adult beverages.

The point is, Wilson obviously wants to see a better fourth quarter performance out of both his team and the fans when Wake Forest comes to Bloomington on Saturday.

Was Wilson wrong to take a jab at the fans? Who knows, but those are the types of things you get to say when you sign a new six-year contract.