Ava Jones is on her way to Iowa City. On Wednesday, Iowa officially announced the signing of the forward.

“We already know this one is a fighter,” the Hawkeyes wrote in the caption.

The signing of Jones is significant. The forward was involved in a serious car accident over the summer. According to John Steppe with The Gazette, that accident resulted in serious injuries to both of Jones’ knees.

MRI results showed Jones tore all 4 major ligaments in her left knee and 3 of the 4 ligaments in her right knee. While those injuries have put her playing career in jeopardy, Jones is still signing with the Hawkeyes.

Head coach Lisa Bluder is also not ready to count out Jones in her attempts to return to the court:

“We’re signing her because we believe in her and she believes in us,” explained Bluder. “She is a remarkable athlete with great versatility. She is working hard to return to the athlete she was. When she takes the floor for Iowa, it will be a special moment for all of us.”

Hopefully, Jones is able to rehab and get back on the court during her time in Iowa City.