There is nothing quite like the bond that siblings can share. That is even more the case for twin brothers and hoop stars Kris and Keegan Murray.

After the 2021-22 season, Keegan elected to head for the NBA and was selected by the Sacramento Kings during the draft. Unfortunately for Keegan, it was not his photo that was shared on draft night.

During a recent interview, Kris admitted it was his photo that was shared around on draft night. That did not sit well with Keegan but Kris got in one final shot at his brother.

“Keegan was mad cause when he walked out with my parents, they had a picture of me up there…when he got announced as the pick, same picture of me up there,” said Kris. “I guess they just picked the better-looking twin.”

During the interview, Kris also admitted he couldn’t attend Keegan’s first NBA games during the Summer League. Though Kris would have loved to go, he had workouts with the Hawkeyes that were too important to miss.

“I can’t just take a week off even though I love Keegan and I’m going to support him,” Kris said Tuesday per David Eickholt with Hawkeye Insider. “We had a week of workouts and I can’t miss those. I could watch him on TV, and I can always call him whenever.”