Big Ten coaches have plenty of opinions, though some coaches shy away from putting those opinions out in the open for public consumption.

Heading into the 2022 season, Athlon Sports compiled anonymous quotes from coaches throughout the conference. When it comes to the Hawkeyes, coaches highlighted the consistency of the program but also noted the coaching staff of Kirk Ferentz.

One coach even admitted Ferentz’s staff “isn’t going anywhere” until the head coach retires. That includes OC and QB coach Brian Ferentz who the same coach said “it doesn’t really matter” if fans are calling for the OC’s head.

Another coach said the offense likely needs to “be more creative,” but also cited the Hawkeyes “aren’t listening to the outside, trust me.” The defensive fundamentals of the program also drew a lengthy review.

Here is what Big Ten coaches were willing to say – anonymously – about Ferentz and Iowa:

  • “Every year that goes by, it’s apparent this staff isn’t going anywhere until the head man [Kirk Ferentz] decides to leave. They do what they do, they do it well and they do not care if you think they should do it different. They’ve got total support, too. So if everyone’s calling for the OC’s [Brian Ferentz] head, it doesn’t really matter. This program moves at its own pace.”
  • “They’re a model of defense. They’re assignment sound, physical up front and they’re rarely out of position. When you look at them on film, it’s all vanilla. It’s hard to see an ‘Iowa scheme’ in anything. The Iowa part of it is running base stuff with great fundamentals, or playing sound gaps and understanding assignments on the fly. They’ll cover your route concepts quickly because they’re smart, and they’re smart because they’re well-coached. That’s why you see so many flashier teams with more talent come in there and get brought down to Iowa’s pace and style. They command games, even with less talent.”
  • “The offensive line was young up front last year, and that showed at times. The issue is going to be production at the quarterback position. They’re going to let those guys battle it out.”
  • “This program is the definition of overachieving in this sport. Yes, they probably need to be more creative on offense, but they’re not listening to the outside, trust me.”