Whose idea was it to plant a bowl game in New York City in the middle of winter?

While the thought of having bowl games located in every region of the country seems like a good idea in theory, the weather in the Northeast and Midwest this time of year is less-than-ideal. Iowa fans attending the Pinstripe Bowl will experience a postseason in sub-zero temperatures.

On Wednesday morning, hours before the Hawkeyes are slated to kickoff against Boston College at Yankee Stadium, a special weather service announcement was released regarding the bitter cold temperatures that would invade New York City.

Here’s the announcement out of New York, which details gusting wins and brutal temperatures as the evening falls over New York.

The high in New York is set at 27 degrees, which is cold enough. But the temperature will plummet as the sun sets and winds continue to pick up. Sounds like an awesome trip, right?

Suddenly, Iowa’s appearance in the Foster Farms Bowl seems more like a punishment than a postseason reward.