Brian Ferentz enters the 2023 campaign with the spotlight firmly fixed on him.

As the Iowa offensive coordinator, Ferentz’s primary responsibility is to put points on the scoreboard. After failing to do so with any consistency in 2022, he had his contract amended this offseason to include a clause that would terminate his contract on June 30, 2024, if Iowa didn’t average at least 25 points per game during the upcoming season.

Ferentz met with reporters on Thursday and was posed a hypothetical. Iowa is up 24-10 against Wisconsin with 30 seconds left in the game. It has the opportunity to attempt a field goal to break the 25-point threshold or run out the clock on a win. Does Ferentz approach that situation any differently than normal, given the clause?

“That’s probably a better question for the head coach. I’m not interested in that, and I couldn’t care less,” he responded. “If this is my last year being the offensive coordinator at Iowa football, I’m at peace with that. And if we’re beating Wisconsin 24-10 with 30 seconds left, you can bet your ass I’ll be at peace with that.”

Iowa averaged 17.7 points a game last season, a mark that ranked 123rd in the country. It was nearly a touchdown less than what the Hawkeyes averaged during the 2021 campaign, the first time since 2012 that an Iowa team failed to score at least 20 a game, and the worst offensive output by a Hawkeye team since 2000.

Ferentz is the son of Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz — the longest-tenured football coach in the FBS. As such, Brian Ferentz has been subject to all manner of criticism this offseason.

“I’m gonna approach my job the same way I’ve approached it for 11 years,” Ferentz said Thursday. “The reason that I’m at the University of Iowa, the reason why I coach here, is because I care about this program and I care about other people in this building. I have one responsibility. That’s to help them win football games. That’s it. That’s how I’m gonna approach my job.”

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