Brian Ferentz got the question. It’s one most coaches get when their team is struggling. In this case, it’s the unit run by the offensive coordinator.

On Wednesday, Ferentz was asked if he would ever step down as OC of the Hawkeyes as the unit continues to disappoint. Ferentz admitted he wouldn’t be able to do that and will always try and fight.

Ferentz almost sounds like a general on the battlefield. Well, the Iowa offense hasn’t been good under his command.

The Hawkeyes have scored 98 points in six games this season (16 ppg). The numbers get worse when you take out two 27-point outputs against Rutgers and Nevada.

Last week against Illinois, the Hawkeyes scored just 6 points and totaled 222 yards of offense. They were 5-for-17 on 3rd down and rushed for 52 yards.

And things could get worse before they get better.

Iowa has Ohio State coming up in Columbus in Week 8. The Buckeye offense has been clicking on all cylinders behind C.J. Stroud. A 40-point attack for Ohio State seems routine at this point. It may take three games for Iowa to total 40 points.

Unless things drastically improve, Ferentz’s seat could be red hot.