Cade McNamara feels Iowa is close to changing the conversation surrounding the Hawkeye offense.

Iowa ranks No. 11 in the B1G with just 22 points per game, with 1 touchdown coming on a pick-6 in Week 2. During a Tuesday media availability, McNamara was asked about the Hawkeyes hitting their stride offensively. The transfer quarterback said the team feels it is right on the verge of hitting more big plays that will translate to points on the board.

“There are multiple times where we’re like a foot away from having a big play. … I just think we’re that close,” McNamara told reporters. “First game or last game, we’re really close to the score being a lot different than what it is. I think the guys are recognizing that, we’re seeing that. I think it’s just going to come down to us closing that gap. I think we’re all aware that we’re very close and that we’re gaining strides, it’s just really coming down to the execution part.”

Kirk Ferentz’s squad will look to give the offense a tune-up in Week 3 against Western Michigan, with No. 7 Penn State ahead in Week 4.