Cade McNamara is still working to get his injured quad back to 100% entering the Cy-Hawk Rivalry in Week 2.

During his Tuesday press conference, McNamara admitted the injury is going to be something he has to manage on a game-by-game basis. Some games will go better than others, but the end result is getting as healthy as possible to do what he can to help the team.

“I think it’s just gonna be something we manage through. Some games are gonna feel better than others,” said McNamara. “I’m still doing everything I can to get as healthy as possible for Saturday.”

The starting quarterback went on to say the goal is to be as healthy as possible to use everything in his repertoire on gameday. However, he won’t have a better idea until Saturday, but he’ll still do whatever he can to help the team win.

McNamara also disputed that the injury is impacting his ability to push the ball down the field in the passing game.

“I don’t think I’m at 100% but I’m definitely trying to get as close as I possibly can,” McNamara said. “And whatever I’m able to do, we’ll just see how I feel Saturday… I mean I just have go out there and do whatever I can to help this team win.”