Caitlin Clark is a major advocate for women’s sports. Though she’s Iowa’s superstar basketball player, she’s all about supporting other endeavors.

During Iowa’s media day, she was asked about Nebraska’s recent “Volleyball Day” inside Memorial Stadium. That landmark match set the world record for attendance at a women’s sporting event.

Clark admitted she’s not sure if she would agree to play a basketball game outdoors if it counted for her regular record. However, she admitted she’s a big fan of Nebraska volleyball and how the program is always leading the sport.

“I was like first of all, this counts for their actual record. I’m not sure if I would sign up for a basketball game if it counted for my actual record outside. But it was incredible. I’ve always been a fan of Nebraska volleyball,” said Clark. “I think what they do is incredible. I think the basically sell out every game, they’re always ranked in the top 5 but they’re also playing Nebraska-Omaha so it’s just a win for the state of Nebraska. My mom actually graduated from there, I have a lot of family from there.”

Clark also pointed out how it was super cool to see the passion for women’s sports, something that can exist regardless of the sport being played.

“I think it’s just super cool, it shows how excited people are about women’s sports in general. It doesn’t only have to be volleyball, it doesn’t only have to be basketball. Softball, whatever it is, it’s just super cool,” Clark said, “And I can’t imagine those girls’ feelings when they walked out of the tunnel… I just know that had to be one of the coolest feelings.”

Now, Clark will gear up to try and continue to help grow the game of women’s basketball after a record-setting performance a season ago.