Caitlin Clark has captured her second straight Big Ten Player of the Year honor, and is increasingly being viewed on a national level, and particularly about her future.

Iowa’s star shared on the Big Ten Network how she’ll decide on where to play in the future, either return to Iowa, or chase her dream of playing in the WNBA.

Clark said she doesn’t have to make that decision anytime soon.

“Obviously the WNBA is my dream and that’s where I want to be when I’m done here,” she said. “But getting to play in front of 15,000 people every single night and be around your best friends doing that. I think that’s pretty incredible as well. And I still feel like there’s quite a few areas to improve on in my game before I take the next step to the professional level.”

Clark added that just to have her options open about a potential 5th year, and shared that she’s trying to enjoy her college career as long as possible.