It looks like the Iowa Wave has made its way into the NFL.

The tradition of the Wave is still relatively young, but it is one of the best moments in college football. Taking time to turn and wave to the kids and their families in the hospital overlooking Kinnick Stadium may seem like a small gesture, but it has made a profound impact on those that see it in person.

On Sunday, the Carolina Panthers conducted a sort of wave of their own. The Panthers had welcomed 21 pediatric cancer patients to the game against the Tennessee Titans, and the Panthers took a moment during the game to honor those kids.

It is a special moment and definitely resembles the Iowa Wave tradition. Check out the video, courtesy of The Checkdown:

Iowa’s next home game in Kinnick Stadium will be on Nov. 16, but the Hawkeyes will be in action this Saturday at Wisconsin. Kickoff is set for 4 pm EST on FOX.