Iowa and Michigan are meeting in the B1G Championship after an exciting regular season.

The last 3 games of the series have been decided by just one score or less. This is the first time the pair will meet for a Big Ten title, though. It’s Michigan’s first time in the championship game and Iowa’s first since 2015, a 16-13 loss to Michigan State. The Wolverines are an 11-point favorite in the game.

CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd stated on the Tiki and Tierney Show he thinks the Wolverines shouldn’t overlook Iowa going into the game.

“I would dare say that, right now, Iowa is probably the least talked about subject in college football,” said Dodd. “Nobody gives them a chance. They’re not sexy, they’re boring to watch. Those are proven facts. But I’m not going to take anything away from them. Being 10-2, having this team that hangs around. They’re a sum of their parts.”

Dodd also talked about how, while the offense isn’t very flashy, they might be able to hang with Michigan.

“Very resourceful, not a very productive offense, but I do think they’re worthy (of being in the game),” he said. “And if Michigan’s head is still in the snow in Ann Arbor from last week, I give (Iowa) a puncher’s chance. I think they’ll be under the number and they’ll hang around a while. I just think Michigan has more talent. But Iowa, I’ll just put it this way: resourceful.”

We’ll see if Dodd is right.

No. 2 Michigan (11-1) and No. 13 Iowa (10-2) meet Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.