Iowa basketball trailed Michigan State by 13 points with 1 minute and 34 seconds remaining Saturday afternoon. Instead of backing down, the Hawkeyes made their final five 3-pointers on the evening, including the below shot by Payton Sandfort to tie things up with just seconds remaining.

Iowa went on to win in overtime in what was the B1G’s highest scoring game of the season, seeing the Hawkeyes win 112-106.

As far as wins go, that’s about as big of a win Iowa could have scored Saturday. The Hawkeyes are one of 10 or 11 teams at the middle of the B1G logjam and are fighting alongside a host of other B1G teams for more favorable B1G and NCAA tournament seeds.

And to call their comeback Saturday against Michigan State improbable is putting it lightly. Fans from around the country reacted to Iowa’s insane comeback victory over the Spartans on social media: