Cooper DeJean and the Iowa Hawkeyes had their backs against the wall late vs. Minnesota. Then, the star defensive back and punt return man sent a jolt through Kinnick Stadium.

With time winding down in the fourth quarter, the Hawkeyes trailed by 2 points when Minnesota lined up to punt. That punt went to DeJean at the 45-yard line, and it initially appeared that DeJean would not return the kick.

Then, he snagged the ball just before it bounced out of bounds, and went off with an electrifying return. DeJean ran the punt all the way back for a go-ahead touchdown with just over a minute remaining.

Unfortunately, that play was reviewed. While it was clear DeJean never stepped out of bounds, another issue was spotted by the officials.

When the review wrapped up, the crew indicated that DeJean waved for a fair catch with his left arm while the ball was in the air. Though it was not a traditional fair-catch signal, officials ruled that his left arm waving for Hawkeye players to get away constituted enough of a signal.

Take a look:

In the end, Iowa would throw an interception with the possession instead of the go-ahead punt return touchdown. Minnesota held on to win the game 12-10 and reclaim Floyd of Rosedale.