Iowa players, current and former, continue to come up in the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation’s exploration into sports gambling.

DB Reggie Bracy, who transferred to Troy, WR Arland Bruce IV who transferred to Oklahoma State, WR Jack Johnson, and graduate assistant Owen O’Brien have been charged with tampering with records as part of Iowa’s illegal sports wagering investigation.

KCRG detailed the criminal complaint, Harry Bracy II placed 65 mobile bets while underage. Eight of those bets were on University of Iowa sporting events while he was an athlete on Iowa’s football team. Officials say that Bracy II engaged in a scheme with Arland Richard Bruce IV to disguise their identities while conducting transactions.

Bruce IV is alleged to have placed 132 bets while underage, with 19 of them being on University of Iowa football events while he was a player. Johnson allegedly placed 380 bets while underage, totaling over $1,800. The criminal complaint says that Johnson placed 4 wagers on Iowa football games while he was a player.

The charge of Tampering With Records is classified as an aggravated misdemeanor, according to KGAN.

This came after backup Iowa kicker Aaron Blom was accused of betting the under on the 2021 Cy-Hawk game, among other gambling activities.

The wide-ranging investigation resulted in criminal charges filed against 7 current or former athletes, with ex-Hawkeyes basketball player Ahron Ulis and Cyclones quarterback Hunter Dekkers among the most known of those players.