Iowa athletics made an appearance at Game 3 of the World Series Monday night.

The game, which is being played in Phoenix, features an Iowa Hawkeyes fan sitting smack dab in the middle of the front row behind home plate. You can’t miss that black and gold, folks.

The Rangers and Diamondbacks are playing a fun World Series this season, one that a lot of people are missing due to the lack of big-name teams.

Those who did tune in couldn’t help but notice our friend in the Hawkeyes shirt. Fans across the country took to social media to wonder just what in the world he is doing there in that shirt. Iowa City isn’t exactly close to Arlington or Phoenix, after all.

Some fans said he’s celebrating the announcement that Brian Ferentz will step down at the end of the season, and other joke that he’s just here to see some high-scoring action compared to Iowa football games.

Check out some of the best reactions from social media below: