The Detroit Lions made a move at the trade deadline, shipping TJ Hockenson to NFC North rival Minnesota in exchange for a package of draft picks. On Wednesday, Detroit DM Brad Holmes made an interesting claim about the deal.

Many speculated the deal was a result of the continued struggles of the Lions who are 1-6. But, according to Holmes, he would have made the deal even if the team was 6-1 this season.

Why does Holmes believe that? He went on to explain that Detroit’s offense has shown an ability to score points, something Holmes thinks the offense will continue to do without Hockenson around.

“We’ve proven that our offense can score a lot of points,” said Holmes per Kyle Meinke with “I’m sure he was a part of it, but a deal would have made sense. It was not based on record whatsoever. I think it was a good deal for the future of the team.”

We’ll see if Holmes’ confidence if the Detroit offense proves accurate. Either way, Hockenson is a Viking for now.