Erick All and Cade McNamara have spent a long time together as teammates, first at Michigan and then reuniting at Iowa this past offseason. Unfortunately, McNamara has been sidelined with a season-ending knee injury.

Despite that injury, All said Wednesday that McNamara has stepped up his leadership and remains engaged with the team. Instead of falling apart and focusing on himself, All says McNamara has been at every practice and in every meeting to help out.

“It’s so easy to fall apart, especially when you’re going through 2 seasons back-to-back when you have a season-ending injury,” said All. “…It’s so easy to do that, and he hasn’t done that at all. He’s actually stepped up. He’s out there every day at practice, he’s in all the meetings.”

All went on to say McNamara is clearly not just focused on himself and is finding ways to be the offensive leader he was to start the season.

“He’s not just worried about himself. He’s taking care of the team. He’s still that leader of the offense and of the team. He’s looking out for guys,” All explained. “He knows we have his back through whatever… Nothing’s changed with him. Same guy, high spirits. It doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s a guy that’s always been hungry.”