Well, this was awkward.

ESPN’s College GameDay airs every Saturday and typically includes live shots of college football stadiums that are hosting games for the weekend. One of the more intriguing matchups is Iowa-Iowa State — being televised on FOX — at 5 p.m.

The show went to a shot of Kinnick Stadium and it was supposed to be a live shot of Iowa’s home field. Except, it wasn’t. The show displayed an old photo.

Take a look:


You certainly have to be in-the-know to notice, but Iowa had some renovations over the offseason. One of those being that the Tigerhawk logo was added to a water tower.

As you can see, that’s missing. Whoops.

One thing to note is that ESPN hasn’t featured an Iowa game yet this season, since the change. Again, Saturday’s game is being broadcasted on FOX. Week 1 at Kinnick Stadium was featured on BTN.