The B1G is entering Week 3 of the football season, though the games have been played inside mostly vacant stadiums to this point.

As a part of the B1G’s return plan, only a small number of family members are allowed inside the games as spectators. The B1G has even said no to marching bands and cheerleaders inside the stadium to start the season.

While there has currently been no word on fans being allowed any time soon, Iowa AD Gary Barta mentioned Thursday that he is “still hopeful” for the opportunity to host fans in 2020. Even if teams are not allowed to have full stadiums, Barta remains hopeful that a number can be decided on as the B1G takes everything week-by-week.

Even with Wisconsin missing two games in three weeks, it is good to see the B1G back in action. Hopefully everyone can figure out a way to safely have fans in the stands before long.