When the approved NCAA rule changes were announced last week, it was seen as a victory for B1G teams.

Allowing for earlier official visits and an earlier signing day would certainly help cold-weather teams. That was the headliner approved change announced by the NCAA.

But not every one of those tweaks was welcomed with open arms. Lost in the shuffle of that big announcement was the approved banning of preseason two-a-day practices.

Kirk Ferentz was not a fan.

The NCAA only allows for one, three-hour practice and one walk-through per day. Walk-throughs are non-pad, non-contact sessions. Conditioning is not allowed during walk-throughs, and there must be a three-hour break in between the two sessions.

The old-school use of two-a-days wasn’t being used universally anymore, but Ferentz is obviously still a believer in the practice.

Ferentz likely isn’t alone in his disapproval of the banning of two-a-days. He repeated his frustration of the new rule.

The two-a-days ban was supported by the Division I Football Oversight Committee, the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports.

The NCAA did approve a vote a few months ago that allowed the preseason to start up a week earlier.

Ferentz’s squad will wrap up spring ball with the spring game on Friday night.