Move over, Colin Cowherd. Or at the very least, make room.

There’s a new face of Iowa hate.

ESPN college football analysts/radio show hosts Paul Finebaum and Danny Kanell got into a discussion Tuesday on College Football Live about the B1G Championship. The discussion shifted to what both thought about Iowa.

Kanell, as you’ll recall, has Iowa at No. 2. Being undefeated, he said, should matter.

He even picked the four-point underdogs to take care of Michigan State and advance to the College Football Playoff.

“I like Iowa in this game,” Kanell said. “I think they’re not getting any respect this entire football season. And you know what’s ironic about this game? Mark Dantonio consistently talks about them not getting the respect they deserve, and instead of turning around and being the hunted, they’re going to be the hunters.

“That’s what Iowa has been doing this entire season and no one has been looking at what they’ve been doing running the ball consistently, making smart decisions at the quarterback position with C.J. Beathard, and playing sound fundamental defense. I think they get it done against Michigan State.”

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That led to Finebaum rolling his eyes and arguing the exact opposite point.

“Iowa has no chance to win this game,” Finebaum said. “I do not see it happening, and I’ve been a fan of Iowa lately. They’re up to number six in my poll, Danny. But they are not going to win this game. They have a nice team, but they’re running up against the big boys Saturday night in Indianapolis.”

The big boys, being Michigan State, are actually 3-3 in their last six meetings with the Hawkeyes. This will be their first meeting as top-five teams.

The Spartans are coming off their biggest win of the year against Penn State, and they knocked off Ohio State in Columbus the week before that.

But to say that 12-0 Iowa — a team that hasn’t trailed in the fourth quarter all season — has “no chance” is obviously a stretch.