In case you missed it, Paul Finebaum was quite vocal about his B1G Championship prediction.

The ESPN/SEC Network college football personality said that Iowa was going to be in trouble on Saturday against better competition, AKA Michigan State.

“Iowa has no chance to win this game,” Finebaum said on Monday. “I do not see it happening, and I’ve been a fan of Iowa lately. They’re up to number six in my poll, Danny. But they are not going to win this game. They have a nice team, but they’re running up against the big boys Saturday night in Indianapolis.”

Well on Saturday, Finebaum put his money where his mouth is. Sort of.

Finebaum did say on Friday that he regretted being so firm with his pick, but that he still felt Michigan State would win comfortably.

There’s no word on whether or not Finebaum would make his way to Iowa City or if he was just referring to the state in general. Either way, you can bet ESPN’s cameras would follow him there.