A very detailed story from former Iowa wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos has put head coach Kirk Ferentz and the rest of the football program under a microscope.

Recent comments about “racial disparities” within the Iowa football program were brought to light late last week, when several former players say there was a problem with the culture within the Hawkeye program. Several of those players say there was an uncomfortable and hostile environment for black student-athletes during their time with the football team.

Several of those stories involved strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle. Some also included offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz. The head coach had been left out of most of those examples.

But Johnson-Koulianos provided a detailed story of how he was mistreated by Kirk Ferentz during his time with the Hawkeyes. He even accused the head coach of orchestrating a police raid on his home in 2010, which resulted in the wide receiver being hit with drug charges.

Here’s a snippet of what Johnson-Koulianos told Rob Howe of Hawkeye Nation:

Interestingly enough, KF’s hate for me was so deep and, in retrospect, there were so many red flags. On November 20, 2010, the Senior Day against OSU, during the Pre-game ceremony, when the seniors and parents walked onto the field to walk onto the sideline to shake hands with KF, KF conveniently avoided contact with my parents while shaking all of the other parents’ hands (Feel free to check the footage). Then, after losing to Ohio State in Kinnick Stadium at the senior dinner postgame, my father, being the better man, approached Kirk Ferentz to thank him for the opportunities that Iowa Football had provided for his son. The response he gave to my parents was “Do me a favor. Tell Derrell I have one more thing in my pocket for him; I want him to worry.” He wanted me to worry and be afraid and that it was coming soon but would not elaborate further. My parents, and even my now 21- and 17-year old brothers who were eleven and seven at the time, recall this haunting exchange vividly to this day. On December 7th, 2010 the authorities raided my home, and I have no doubts, based on that conversation with my family, that it was orchestrated by KF. I was immediately kicked off the team and expelled from the university: no due process, no counseling, no treatment programs, and no second chances.

Johnson-Koulianos was kicked off the time and was not permitted to participate in Iowa’s bowl game that season. Several of those charges were later dropped.

The former wide receiver also claimed that Ferentz sabotaged his NFL career. Johnson-Koulianos claims that Ferentz and other members of the Iowa staff negatively spoke about him before the draft that year.

Johnson-Koulianos has told this story before, but not in quite as much detail. In 2013, he fired off a series of tweets making similar claims about Ferentz and how he was mistreated during his time at Iowa. At the time, he pledged to write a tell-all book about the inner workings of the football program under the coaching regime.

One former teammate, Amari Spievey validated Johnson-Koulianos’ statement back in 2013. Former offensive lineman Dace Richardson stood up for Ferentz.

You can read Johnson-Koulianos’ full statement at Hawkeye Nation.