Since 2009, Iowa’s ‘Kid Captain’ program has been celebrating the lives of some of the bravest kids in the community. These kids have battled some of the toughest circumstances and FOX featured the program as a part of Big Noon Kickoff.

This week, FOX brought on this week’s captain Adam Arp, a 16-year-old from Williamsburg, Iowa. Since birth, Arp has faced many procedures and clinical visits throughout the course of his life.

The ‘Kid Captain’ program focuses on making the experiences of these children unique. This week, Arp was brought on to the Big Noon Kickoff show to hype up the Iowa crowd.

Arp, a big wrestling fan, said that Ettore “Big E” Ewen was one of his favorites. Big E was also an Iowa football player, and FOX brought him onto the show to meet Arp.

Big E then prompted a chant for Arp. FOX and Iowa made it a truly special day for Arp, and they highlighted one of the most heartwarming traditions in college football.