Fran McCaffery had the tough task of slowing down Indiana’s front court play on Thursday. Trayce Jackson-Davis is a big part of that.

McCaffery stated that he wanted to play some man-to-man, but eventually had to go to zone to slow down Jackson-Davis. Although the veteran Indiana player finished with 30 points, McCaffery praised Filip Rebraca for matching up with Jackson-Davis.

“Well, Trayce is a handful. They go to him, which anybody would. You’re going to go to him. He’s a veteran guy. He has tremendous athletic power, size and strength. We wanted to play man-to-man and give some help, but then we had to go to the zone, and sometimes Filip is in there by himself. Great job by Filip lasting as long as he did. He played 38 minutes.”

At the end of the day Iowa beat Indiana by a narrow margin of 91-89. McCaffery likely won’t care about how many points Jackson-Davis scores as long as Iowa gets the win when the final buzzer sounds.

Rebraca ended the game with a 19-point double-double that included 10 rebounds and and 2 assists. Rebraca averages 14.1 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game for the Hawkeyes this season.

Iowa plays Rutgers next on the road. Tipoff will be Sunday at noon ET on BTN.

(H/T 247Sports)