Fran McCaffery was not thrilled with the officiating during the second half of Iowa’s game against Michigan State. That statement comes as no surprise to absolutely anyone that has watched any amount of B1G basketball over the years.

At one point, McCaffery received a technical foul late in the game. McCaffery was disputing a call that could have been a jump ball as opposed to a foul on the Hawkeyes before the official had apparently had enough.

Just a few moments later in the game, Iowa called a timeout to discuss its game plan. However, McCaffery spent his time outside of the huddle.

He engaged in a bizarre — and prolonged — stare-down with an official near the baseline. Neither individual said a word, though McCaffery did eventually take some steps closer.

While McCaffery’s antics are always bizarre, the end result this time around was a feverish comeback for Iowa. The Hawkeyes rallied from a late double-digit deficit to tie Michigan State at the buzzer and force overtime.

The rest of the game coverage can be seen on ESPN with the two sides heading to overtime at 101-all.