Fran McCaffery was ejected from Iowa’s game against Northwestern Sunday evening, with his team trailing by 15. The Iowa head coach was frustrated with a missed 10-second call on Northwestern and earned every bit of his ejection.

To put it simply, this is not the first time McCaffery has been ejected from an Iowa basketball game.

Admittedly, it’s easy to understand what McCaffery was not happy about. A 10-second call is not a subjective one, especially hard to miss when his team is trying to fight back into the game against a Northwestern team that just can’t seem to lose right now as we inch closer to the B1G tournament.

Iowa is fighting for a top seed in the B1G tournament right now. The Hawkeyes are one of about 8 teams in the middle of a logjam in the B1G standings. They could finish as high as No. 2 or as low as No. 12 in the conference depending on how the next couple of weeks go.

And Sunday’s loss won’t make anything any better. The Hawkeyes currently trail by 22 with 4 minutes remaining.