Fran McCaffery doesn’t like how the transfer portal process has given way to agents being involved prematurely.

“The thing that I think is really bad is that there are agents actually shopping mid-major players before they go in the portal and convincing them to go in the portal, and that’s disgraceful,” McCaffery said. “That should have been seen by the NCAA because (they) screwed this thing up completely. And now they have to try to fix it and they’re not going to be able to.”

In extensive comments from the team’s banquet, McCaffery spoke about the changing landscape in college basketball, and how some programs have a large salary cap essentially. “They can buy a team,” he said.

Because of that, there’s a different perspective on how teams have success, and how coaches have success.

There’s no offseason calendar anymore, recruiting never ends and McCaffery said he’s hopeful there isn’t a large amount of turnover on his own roster so that he doesn’t have to get “a ton of guys” from the portal.

“You deal with the rules that are out there, you deal with the situation,” McCaffery said. “It might be harder for a coach, a program, than another. For example, if you had a billionaire that was going to help you, you’re going to have a pretty good team. You don’t have to be a very good coach.”