Fran McCaffery wanted to avoid a fine at all cost on Friday night, but he was still clearly frustrated after rivalry loss.

No. 7 Iowa dropped an 80-75 contest to No. 19 Illinois on Friday in what was one of the more interesting and exciting games of the B1G season. It was a fun matchup that came down to the wire with major B1G regular season implications. But, as is the case in a lot of conference games, there were some questionable calls throughout the course of the contest.

McCaffery clearly thought a lot of those calls went against the Hawkeyes in the rivalry game. And when asked about some of those calls, the Iowa head coach bit his tongue.

Here are some of McCaffery’s responses — or non-answers — from the postgame presser on Friday night:

McCaffery has been known to get frustrated with officiating in the past. Regardless of how upset he was, he wanted to avoid any penalty for himself, his team or the athletic department.

Probably wise to stay quiet.

Iowa fell to 12-4 on the season and is now 6-3 in the B1G. The Hawkeyes have lost two straight games for the first time this season, losing to Indiana on Jan. 21, as well.

Illinois is now 11-5 on the year and 7-3 in league play.