Deuce Hogan made some headlines this weekend after making a confident statement about his goals when he gets to Iowa. But the 2020 quarterback wanted to clear some things up after his statement caught some heat.

In an interview with Tyler Devine of, Hogan talked about his confidence level as he prepares for his final season at the high school level before moving onto the college game. Three-star pro-style quarterback said he was going to “win games” when he was under center for the Hawkeyes, but then made a comment about Ohio State that seemed to ruffle some feathers.

“I’m going to make the defensive coordinator at Ohio State pull his hair out,” Hogan said in the interview. “I’m going to enjoy it, that’s what I’m going to do. I love the whole chess game of it.”

Apparently that comment didn’t sit too well with a lot of folks — primarily Ohio State fans (just a guess). Hogan decided to clear up his comments on Twitter.

“For everyone mad about my OSU quote, it was simply playful banter,” Hogan wrote on Twitter. “I have buddies committed to OSU. The quote has been mis-quoted and taken completely out of context. No apologies, simply clarification. As always, Go Hawks!”

While college football fans obviously have an unwavering love and passion for their favorite team, it’s hard to understand why so many people would be so upset over Hogan’s quote. As a future college football player, having that type of confidence is something you love seeing from kids.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a kid being confident in himself and his ability to win football games at the next level.