Gary Barta followed Kirk Ferentz’ press conference on Wednesday, and was asked about Iowa’s offense in recent years, and why he supports offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz.

Kirk Ferentz earlier Wednesday said there would not be staff changes before next season.

Iowa’s offense last season finished 123rd nationally after it averaged 17.7 points per game. In total offense, the Hawkeyes were second-to-worst in the country, or No. 130 nationally, at 251.6 yards per game.

Barta, the athletics director at Iowa, spoke to why he has confidence that the offense will improve.

“Maybe I’ll go back to the 4 years prior to the last 2,” Barta said. “So certainly the last 2, 23 and 17 points respectively, that’s not enough for us to have the success we want to have.”

Barta then added that he’s not sure if it gets lost in the narrative about the Iowa offense, but the first 4 years had a higher average than Kirk’s average in his 24 years. “I think it was closer to 29, 30 a game,” he said.

“He’s capable, he’s proven it in the past,” Barta said. “He’s been here for 10 years. The prospect with what’s coming back with returning players, those are all the reasons. Kirk puts his plan together. I’ve always worked hard, in all of our head coaches to not micro-manage. I’m uniquely involved this year, and in the past few years because of Brian and Kirk’s relationship. But I still work from Kirk’s plans moving forward, he’s been extremely successful.”