Gary Barta addressed recent comments from Iowa SWARM Collective CEO Brad Heinrichs in a statement on Tuesday.

Recently, Heinrichs revealed some frustrations from the collective in regard to the lack of support from the university athletic department. According to Heinrichs, the athletic department has withheld certain aspects of support until the collective agrees to abide by Title IX with payouts. As an entity that is not affiliated with the university, Heinrichs says the collective is not bound by Title IX.

In Barta’s statement, he expressed his thankfulness to Heinrichs for his support and involvement before explaining ways the athletic department has helped with the SWARM Collective. The AD of the Hawkeyes also said Iowa will continue to grow and move forward as more changes come down.

“I have thanked Brad privately for all he has done… and would like to thank him again. I also want to thank every Hawkeye who has chosen to contribute to and/or support the SWARM.”

“There are, and will continue to be, limitations on the athletic department’s involvement in collectives related to NCAA rules, tax laws, Title IX law, etc. The concept and rules surrounding NIL and collectives will continue to evolve. The Hawkeyes will continue to advance with those changes.”

Here is Barta’s complete statement: