One theme we’ve seen today throughout the day of action in the NFL is the great play of tight ends. This is especially fitting given that it is National Tight Ends day.

San Francisco 49ers tight end and former Iowa Hawkeye George Kittle is one of those tight ends balling out today. He’s showing just how physical and agile someone can be who plays that position.

Throughout his career, Kittle has shown himself to be a tight end who can make athletic plays in space. That was evident in Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.

In the second quarter, Kittle caught the ball near the sidelines. A poor Patriot defender stood in the way of Kittle and the first down. Kittle dropped his shoulder and laid a hit on the defensive back while working past him.

Then, Kittle showed that he’s got some nimbleness and leaped ahead to earn the first down.

It’s already been quite the day for tight ends who got their start at Iowa. In the early set of games, former Hawkeye and current Detroit Lions tight end T.J. Hockenson scored the game-winning touchdown as time expired to give the Lions a come-from-behind win against the Atlanta Falcons.

In the later games, it’s Kittle making the Iowa faithful proud. In the first half, Kittle finished with four catches for 44 yards.