The injuries have taken a big toll on the San Francisco 49ers this season and one of the biggest ones is now tight end George Kittle. He fractured his foot and will be out for eight weeks starting this Sunday.

Kittle, though, is one of the toughest players in the league so it’s no surprise that he was trying to come back way sooner than expected:

Kittle was on a roll for the 49ers this season as he had 37 receptions for 474 yards with two touchdowns. He also was averaging almost 13 yards per reception.

He’s widely considered the best all-around tight end in football and it’s not just because of his stats. He’s also outstanding blocking wise and helped revolutionize “National Tight End” day.

For his career, Kittle has 253 receptions for 3,419 yards and 14 touchdowns. His longest reception in the league is 85 yards.

Even though Kittle is likely to be out for the rest of the season, his desire to come back even after just two weeks shows just how bad he wants to be out there. Regardless of his desire for a quick return, the main focus now is a full recovery so he can return completely healthy in 2021 and beyond.