Another week in the NFL means another week of George Kittle doing beastly George Kittle things against helpless defenders.

The former Iowa Hawkeye tight end is a force with San Francisco’s offense and continues to haunt defenses around the league. This week, it was the Los Angeles Rams that had to deal with him.

Unfortunately for the Rams, they did about as good a job as every other team lately. Kittle did not find the end zone, but he hauled in eight catches for 103 yards and was a key cog in a 20-7 49ers victory.

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One play, in particular, illustrated Kittle’s playmaking ability. He ran a nice route after faking a run-block before breaking out into the open. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo easily hit him with the pass, and Kittle went full beast mode down the field. He broke multiple tackles and did not go down until a number of Ram defenders tag teamed on the tackle.

These are the kind of plays Hawkeye faithful are used to: