It didn’t take long for the Iowa Wave to become the best tradition in college football. Shortly after it started in 2017, fans, players and coaches waving to children in the overlooking U of I Stead Family Children’s Hospital became one of the must-watch moments in the sport.

Now, one Iowa fan has the awesome tradition immortalized.

The Iowa fan — Jason, according to his Twitter biography — unveiled an amazing tattoo to show his love for the Iowa Wave. The tattoo is the school’s TigerHawk logo, with the image of fans waving at the Stead Family Children’s Hospital within the logo. It’s quite an incredible look.

Here’s the image Jason shared on Twitter over the weekend:

That’s really awesome. Not only will Jason have the opportunity to see the Iowa Wave on gameday, he’ll be able to honor it every single day.

Every home game at Kinnick Stadium, fans, players and coaches turn to Stead Family Children’s Hospital at the end of the first quarter to wave. Kids and their families look through the giant windows at the hospital to see everyone saying “hello” after the first 15 minutes come to an end.

The Iowa Wave began in 2017 in the Hawkeyes’ season opener against Wyoming.