Football can’t be the only focus for teams making a postseason appearance this year. With classes out and most of campus empty, players have to find something else to help occupy their time until the bowl games arrive.

Members of Iowa’s football team found a unique way to help pass the time, participating in a Call of Duty tournament, complete with multiple screens, big comfy chairs and head sets in the team lounge. Judging by some of the photos, it looks like the tournament was really intense, but also a lot of fun.

Iowa’s official Twitter account tweeted out some images of the evening’s tournament.

Seems like a pretty good release for a group of college athlete.

Iowa is preparing to play in the Pinstripe Bowl on Dec. 27, taking on Boston College. Both teams enter the game with a 7-5 record.

While the Hawkeyes have been preparing over the last few weeks for their postseason matchup, it’s good to see they’ve also been enjoying some time away from the field. But there is one major question that needs to be answered about this Call of Duty tournament: who won?