Beer and wine sales to the general public at football and basketball games has become a trend in college athletics, particularly in the B1G. With more and more schools receptive to the idea, it seems like the entire conference will hop on board at some point in time.

Iowa is one of the B1G schools that has yet to approve beer and wine sales outside premium seating areas for fans. As of right now, fans who are in general admission seating have to rely on their tailgate parties or local establishments for an adult beverage.

Scott Dochterman of the The Athletic recently asked Iowa athletic director Gary Barta about the potential to add alcohol sales to Kinnick Stadium and Carver-Hawkeye Arena in the future. Barta says he expects to see it happen at some point, but there’s no urgency to get anything in place for the upcoming academic year.

“There’s not yet movement to do it this year,” Barta told Dochterman. “I still think someday it will happen. I just cam’t predict when.”

Currently, half the B1G schools sell alcohol (primarily beer and wine) to general admission fans at football games. Illinois, Indiana, Maryland Minnesota, Ohio State, Purdue and Rutgers are all on board with adding that element to the gameday experience. But there’s still some resistance from some schools, as well as some state laws.

Neither Michigan nor Michigan State are permitted to sell alcohol inside the stadium, due to a state law. In order to add beer and wine to the menu on gamedays, the law would have to be changed.

For some schools, there are a few obstacles in the way. It’s not always quite as simple as just adding kegs to the concession stand. But, at Iowa, Barta expects change to come at some point in time.

Just don’t expect to hear about a timetable just yet.