Iowa Athletic Director talked about transfer eligibility and how to curb the what he called the ‘wild-west’ of NIL Deals on Thursday per Scott Dochterman of Athletic. The Hawkeyes’ AD gave his thoughts on the subject.

The current NCAA ruling allows for student-athletes to transfer without having to sit out for a whole year before playing for their new schools. However, Barta believes that the rule should be reversed. The rule allows for a player to transfer to a different once, and went into effect in April of 2021.

Here’s what Barta said on the ‘Fight for Iowa’ podcast:

““If we can’t totally control name, image and likeness, then let’s go back and put a one year … if you transfer, you can transfer, you don’t have to lose your scholarship,” Barta said. “But you must sit out a year because we can control that, and that, I think, would slow down the name, image and likeness deals.”

Barta had an interesting take on the current state of college football.