USC and UCLA are joining the B1G, altering the landscape of the conference in a major way. The Trojans and Bruins will officially begin play in the conference in 2024 as teams prepare for a new look.

Iowa AD Gary Barta is among the leaders preparing for the influx of two programs from California and the potential impacts on his program. On Friday, he previewed what that might look like in the conference.

According to Scott Dochterman with The Athletic, Barta said it is likely the B1G will do away with divisions when the Trojans and Bruins join the conference. Beyond that, Barta feels it is too early to try and determine what scheduling the conference games might look like.

Barta also addressed the possibility of the B1G adding Notre Dame with reports swirling that the Irish are the top program on the conference’s wish list. For now, Barta said he may eventually approve Notre Dame joining the conference but doesn’t anticipate making that decision this summer.

As Barta put it, the B1G is “not seeking applications.”

Barta also said on Friday that he will “fight” to try and keep Iowa’s rivals on the schedule when the conference expands. He listed 4 specific rivalries in his comments.